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medium patch


Now you can own a Noothgrush patch. Sew it on your favorite tie-dye, staple it to your uvula, or give it to your "mom".

These are kinda medium sized. Most of them have a design about an inch and a half high and 5-6 inches across. Choice of various colors and 5 logos: Demo (B), Vine (C), Hollow (D), Entropy (E), Classic (G)

There is another option (A) with the "Asylum" design, same as the backpatch, but roughly 4.5" x 5.5". Black on tan.

Shipping info:
Packages ship on Fridays. If you're ordering more than one thing, the combination price for shipping may exceed the actual cost of shipping. If the excess is less than $4.00, consider it a handling fee. If the excess is over $4.00, you will be refunded all of it, minus less than a dollar for handling.