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Noothgrush/Corrupted Split LP + Poster


Recorded way back in 1997, originally released on Reservoir Records, this tired old record has been revived, remastered, and reissued in 2017 on 20 Buck Spin. New artwork from Hal Rotter and updated sound from Brad Boatwright of Audiosiege.

We found a pile of posters from the original release of this record lying around on a shelf for the last 20 years. Every split LP sold here on the Noothgrush dot bigcartel dot com will include a copy of this *original* poster. This poster is so original, it includes the printing error that fucked up Corrupted's logo. Available while supplies last.

Shipping info:
Packages ship on Fridays. If you're ordering more than one thing, the combination price for shipping may exceed the actual cost of shipping. If the excess is less than $4.00, consider it a handling fee. If the excess is over $4.00, you will be refunded all of it, minus less than a dollar for handling.